Adolescent education

Fourteen challenges to

educate adolescents (10-14 yrs)

1. Get to know the adolescent .

2. Personal development is the heart of education of adolescents.

3. The goal of education is

to treat yourself (body, mind, heart and soul),

the other and the world (society, nature, things and universe) well.

4. Get inspired by the richness of life .

5. Self direction and communication can be learnt.


6. Face the world with an open mind, an open heart and an open will(.

7. Help adolescents to develop valuable attitudes, train skills and

teach them to acquire analyze and use knowledge


8. Less subjects more learning.


9. Industrial learning does not fit anymore.

Give conscious, meaning, experience and action in learning.

Work only with learning goals that have meaning to adolescents. 


10. Learning together, living together, learn to live together.

11. Coach adolescents to fullfill their own learning questions and needs.

12. No tests and marks, but assessments and feed forward.

13. Create a partnership with adolescents, teachers and parents.

Take the first step and enjoy the development of adolscents!

14. Put pressure on the government to make room for adolescent-centered education. Create an adjusted vocational training to coaches of adolescent-centered education.


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